Including news from our Elianne!

Last week marked the grand unveiling of our highly anticipated second album, "II"! But oh, what a rollercoaster ride it has been to bring this to life. Just like countless other bands, The Dame faced the daunting challenges brought on by the relentless COVID-19 pandemic. Gathering for writing sessions became a rarity, and securing precious studio time was akin to scaling a mountain, thanks to those pesky government restrictions. And if that wasn't enough, illness within our ranks threw yet another wrench into the works, further delaying the recording process. Yet, amongst the chaos, our departing singer, Marian, managed to record her vocals on the record. In the midst of it all, we stumbled upon a true gem: Elianne, a talented songstress some of you may have had the pleasure of encountering during our 2022 tour. With newfound energy, we embarked on crafting material for our third album immediately after the tour wrapped. Oh, the excitement was palpable! We were determined to dazzle you with fresh tunes, eager to outpace the production of "II" (which, mind you, was still in the throes of mixing and mastering). However, just when we thought we had conquered all obstacles, tragedy struck once more, hitting us harder than ever before. Elianne received a diagnosis that halted our progress and left us reeling. But fear not, dear fans, for in the spring of 2024, "II" is finally there for you and Elianne is slowly but surely making her triumphant return to the spotlight. As we navigate this challenging chapter, The Dame has made the bold decision to take a brief hiatus throughout the remainder of 2024, allowing Elianne the time she needs to reclaim her strength. But fear not, for the show will go on! We'll be back in action, writing and creating new music, and come 2025, prepare to witness The Dame on stage in all her glory once more!