A new Dame has moved into town!

She is sensual, feminine, and smooth… that is, until the guitars start roaring.
The Dame will take you back to the romantic era of the roaring twenties.
Hidden back room bars, smokey night clubs, liquor in coffee mugs… when gentlemen were stylish, and ladies were sexy chic.
We like to describe our music as the sexy version of progressive rock.
Time to drink champagne and dance on the table!

The Dame is:

Elianne Ernst Vocals  |  Stephen de Ruijter – electric and acoustic guitar, bvox  |  Michel Krempel – Bass
Thijs de Ruijter – piano, keyboards  |  Remco Engels – Drums, synths, bvox

Picture by Bart Bakkeren

Our latest album

The Dame – II


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07 October 2022

The story of The dame…

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London, October 1968 When she walked into the room, you could sense there was something about her. Something dangerous. Enticing, but dangerous. She looked like...

The Dame live

See you soon!