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Progwereld Recensent zijn is soms helemaal niet leuk. Al jaren bespreek ik cd’s, zomaar lekker luisteren is er voor mij niet meer bij. Altijd staat de analist in me op en ga ik in gedachten al een stukje schrijven. Onlangs ontving ik ter recensie “Losing Sight Of What You Want”,... Read More
May 2018

Jerry Lucky

Band: The Dame: Losing Sight of What You Want Independent Release (2018) Rating: A Refreshingly Unique and Winning Prog Style This is the first release for the excellent new Dutch band The Dame. I love the irreverence of their name and I also like how they’ve crafted their image to play... Read More
May 2018


Reviewed by Marc on 16 May 2018 Dutch band The Dame has just put out an album called Losing Sight of What You Want. I would describe their music as melodic symphonic prog in a Marillion (circa Brave) sort of way, but this without even coming close to actually sounding like Marillion. The album offers us seven... Read More
May 2018